Caitlyn | Senior Portriats

I think my blog is mad at me. Well.. if I were my blog, I would be mad at me. It always gets the short end of the stick in my crazy life, and you, my blog readers, do too. Alas, I’m here to do some blogging. And the first on my list is Caitlyn.

We visited Camp Piankitank for the  day. After our sudden stop on the highway to pose beside some flowers, we arrived. haha. Yeah. I think she may have thought I was crazy, but we still had fun. We shot til the sun went down, despite our many mishaps. When I say mishaps, I mean my camera died.. some creepy car pulled in and then just left, and we had to re-curl Caitlyn’s hair a few times. But you know what! We STILL tackled it and had fun at the same time. The day was GAWJUSS and the venue was GAWJUSS-ER. Caitlyn is beautiful, so enjoy looking through these! 

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© 2013 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

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