To Blog Or Not To Blog

It's Really My Question

No one probably believes me, but I really DO want to be a blogger. You know the type. Even if there was a power shortage, the sun stopped rising, or they died, they would STILL have their blog up and running as they have always promised. I love those people. They’re awesome. Those people make me happy on a daily basis. I love the dedication and the sureness of their blogging. It’s a sigh of relief to open up one of my favorite blogs and find that there is a new post for me to read! EVERY TIME.

I wish I was saying, “From this day forward, I will be that perfect blog angel to grace your day with bits about me and my life.” But no. That’s not the “Tiffany” way to do things. I’d rather fight with my brain about it for months instead. All that I’m REALLY trying to say is.. I feel it coming soon. It’s already been about six months.. so the battle should end soon. And hopefully in my blog’s favor. I’m going to be that person one day.


      1. Yes!, It can be a tad odd, overwhelming at first, trying something new but… you can meet some interesting people and it’s even better getting your opinions/thoughts out there.

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