Ashleigh and Sammy | Maternity Portraits

DSC_4217My whole summer is filled with activity. I have a new job as the photographer for Camp Piankatank, my sister and her family of five are moving in at my parents house with us (a total of NINE people), I’m preparing to go to Uganda, vacation, and my cousin, Devon, tragically passed away two weeks ago. I could blog about a MILLION things that are on my mind, really. In the midst of all of this, I’m still rolling with new images that I don’t always get to share. I have promised a few blog posts months ago that I haven’t posted because my external hard drive broke and I can’t get ahold of the images!! Ahh. Talk about panic! Those images are my life!  But thankfully, they are safe. Phew. I just don’t have a way to access them until I get my external hard drive fixed. 😦 One day soon.

This will be one of the most memorable summers of my entire life, I’m sure. I’m gaining a new niece and a new nephew THIS MONTH. My brothers are both having their first babies and are due just ONE day apart! haha. It’s insane that it worked out that way. I’m excited to share these images of my brother, Sammy, his wife, Ashleigh, and her baby bump, my sweet niece, Aubree.


DSC_4177DSC_4177DSC_4180DSC_4190 DSC_4197 DSC_4201DSC_4291

DSC_4232 DSC_4238DSC_4242 DSC_4248

DSC_4260 DSC_4263 DSC_4265DSC_4289 DSC_4278 DSC_4283

DSC_4301 DSC_4296 DSC_4307 DSC_4312 DSC_4317

DSC_4320 DSC_4321

DSC_4341 DSC_4333

DSC_4366DSC_4359 DSC_4370DSC_4369DSC_4375DSC_4378DSC_4404DSC_4398 DSC_4396 DSC_4418 DSC_4411 DSC_4422 DSC_4424

DSC_4438 DSC_4446 DSC_4443 DSC_4461

DSC_4467DSC_4479 DSC_4483

DSC_4481DSC_4487DSC_4503 DSC_4493

DSC_4527 DSC_4542 DSC_4546 DSC_4548 DSC_4562

DSC_4575DSC_4576DSC_4588 DSC_4582DSC_4595 DSC_4600 DSC_4598

DSC_4602 DSC_4601 DSC_4620 DSC_4621

© 2013 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

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