Preparation | Uganda

The past few months have flown by! Just as I expected them to. My last post about Uganda now feels centuries away. We are preparing to leave in just one week from today!!! Ahh. This is getting so real. I remember feeling like I had so much time to prepare, mentally and physically. And all of a sudden, that time is gone! This week is going to be filled with checklists and To Do lists. I’m a fanatic when it comes to To Do lists, going out of the country for the first time is going to push that over the edge. Thank goodness, I have a sister to keep my head on straight.

This past week I got my new camera gear to take videos while in Uganda! A new camera, Canon XA10, and literally any accessory you can think of to keep me prepared. I thought I would be overwhelmed with my new camera at first, but I seem to have the basics down enough to feel at ease.

I have been mostly surprised by the preparation that God seems to be making on my heart. Kisses from Katie is spoken wonders into my life. My husband has been legitimately stunned to see me reading so frequently for the past few weeks. Much more than I can say for the normal Tiffany. Katie, as I’m sure you are wondering, is a 22 year old girl who lives in Uganda and has for the past 5 or so years. She adopted 13, yes, 13 girls and became a mom for the first time at the age of 19. Her book is all about her story and the great blessings that God has given her once she decided to give it all up for Jesus. Katie has started a non-profit organization called Amazima Ministries where she avidly teaches, nurtures, and loves the children who have almost nothing in the red dirt of Uganda. I have never been so moved than I am now. Realizing the great need in the exact same world that we live in. Learning that you really are richer when you become poorer. And learning that all you have to do is say ‘yes’ to God and he will use you, even in your imperfections.

I am hoping that he will use our team as we head over to Uganda for the short 9 days that we will be there. I know that he is already preparing our hearts, and certainly our finances to use us. Please pray for us! This is a big deal.

I SERIOUSLY cannot wait to come home and show you all of the footage that I will be getting while I’m over there! Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to capture a glimpse of how poverty can really strike a nation. And how Jesus, even in places that seem like they should have no hope, can give joy that most of us will never understand.

Our team! David, Me, Amy, Pastor Eric, Pastor Brian, and Jerilyn
Our team! David, Me, Amy, Pastor Eric, Pastor Brian, and Jerilyn

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