Knowing You Are Beautiful | Personal

It gets me excited to talk about how beautiful the girls are that I have had the privilege to photograph over the past few years. Every shoot that I have had, I catch myself being over enthusiastic in response to a face or pose that my girls make. Seriously. When they just get in the zone during a shoot, I FREAK out!! Beaming them with compliments and gushing over how beautiful they are. Some girls have asked me if I meant it. Some of them have told me that I probably just say those things to everyone. And awkwardly enough, yes, I do. But that’s because each of them really ARE beautiful. And I mean it with everything I have in me. I cannot fake this enthusiasm over their photographs. And every time when they get to see their finished images THEY UNDERSTAND WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. They REALLY WERE as beautiful as I was telling them they were. The problem was, they didn’t believe it.

You may come to me with the expectation that I will make you seem beautiful. Some people look to me in desperation, hoping that I will alter the way that they look enough to turn them into models or something. The truth is, I just try to get you to be… YOU. And you become the model yourself. Truth is, you do have flaws, and most people won’t tell you that. But you do. And so do I. But when you only pay attention to them then you will miss out on your beauty. Your flaws make you, you. What I do isn’t a magic trick. I just point out to you (sometimes while jumping up and down and repeating over and over and over again) how absolutely beautiful you ALREADY ARE. So that you can believe it finally. So that you can see yourself and be proud to be who you are. You are beautiful and I can say that with confidence. So know it. And believe me when I tell you so.

© 2013 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

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  1. Aww, Tiff!! You’re so awesome and this is such a lovely post. I love your honesty!! All of these girls ARE beautiful. I wish I could carry you around in my pocket as my personal life photographer. Love you sister!

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