Sarah and Justin | Engagement Session

Justin and I have known one another probably around 8 or so years. We grew up in the same youth group and now both attend the same church, BridgePoint. This past summer, I landed a pretty awesome job as the photographer for Camp Piankatank. Literally one of my FAVORITE places on earth when I was growing up. I spent some great summers there. It was quite odd returning as staff, I must say!! Seeing my old friends all grown up, working there was even WEIRDER. Which I’m sure, is not a word. Justin, who likes to go by the name Fluffy, was also working there with his recent fiance, Sarah. One: I didn’t know he was working there. Two: I didn’t know he was engaged/had a girlfriend. Three: I didn’t know how stinkin’ SWEET she was going to be. Now, you may have noticed that I don’t do weddings very often, (aka ever). But when my friends asked me to shoot their wedding, I was not turning that down. I know it’s going to be so much fun. You’ll be seeing more of the camp in a few months considering that’s their venue!

I cannot end this post without telling you Sarah and Justin’s story! You may have heard of Christian Mingle? You may have thought it was a complete joke? Like myself? But God will do what He wants to do! And He made Christian Mingle work for Sarah and Justin. Sarah originally got her account because she wanted to find the perfect man. Justin, the perfect girl. Although Justin was keeping up with his profile regularly, Sarah, on the other hand, was not. She had completely forgotten about it for months. Decided to check it one day and BAM! She found Justin. Somehow. I’m not very good with details. So, she did the thing that any girl would naturally do.. and Facebook stalked him. Now, the rest is history! Enjoy seeing a small glimpse into their love for one another.

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  1. What great, beautiful pictures! You look so happy & that’s what counts. Your ring is just so beautiful, I love it!!!

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