Elizabeth and Chris | Couple Portraits

Liz and Chris are the cutest ever. I literally run into Liz everywhere I go. That’s mainly how we maintain our friendship, actually. haha. So, somewhere during a Walmart trip, Liz told me that she and Christ NEED pictures done and she wanted to hire ME!! How could I not be excited? This girl is adorable, looks like she could be my sister, and I get to hang out with her for my job. We spent hours chatting over coffee planning our shoot and it couldn’t have gone better. Our day was perfect and so so SO much fun. Even though Chris wouldn’t put his military uniform on, he made up for it when he made that beautiful bouquet of wild flowers for our shoot 😉 hahaha. (he really did make that!!)

Thanks for such a great time, guys! You look absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see where your relationship goes in the future.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy these, friends! (:
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© 2013 Tiffany Sigmon Photography
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