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Can we just talk about my favorite place to always (always) be? STARBUCKS. I don’t know if it’s the lack of small and cozy coffee shops in this town, but for whatever reason, I imprinted onto this Starbucks as my workplace. It’s where I have my meetings, where I complete post production, and where I am right now. Yes, they do have coffee all day long, and coffee and I are best friends, but they also just recently put up their Christmas mugs and decorations.

At first, I was a little bit annoyed by the fact that everyone was just skipping past Thanksgiving celebration all together, and going straight to Christmas. But.. once I laid my eyes on the new mugs that they have at Starbucks, the holiday drinks that have been brought back, and the red EVERYWHERE, I realized that being mad at Christmas was pointless. I’m getting into the Christmas spirit and really cannot stand how cute the new merchandise at Starbucks is. It’s kind of killing me. I NEED MUGS!

I hope you guys got your fill on the ‘buy one specialty drink get one free’ offer that Starbucks had for a week. I know I sure did.

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