Sigmon Family | Portraits

Oh how I love to be a part in the Sigmon family. I’ve only been married to David for two years so Kinslee’s birth was the first big Sigmon family thing that I was able to be a part of. She’s grown up so quickly!! And so beautifully, I must add, although that goes without saying. Lauren and I are the only two that willingly chose to be a part of the Sigmon family… and I think that we can both agree that we couldn’t have had a better family to marry into. Mike and Lauren are so great and bring my life so much joy!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy these, friends! (:

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© 2013 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

Do not save following images. 2013-11-21_0001.jpg 2013-11-21_0002.jpg 2013-11-21_0003.jpg2013-11-21_0004 2013-11-21_0005 2013-11-21_0006 2013-11-21_0007 2013-11-21_0008 2013-11-21_0009 2013-11-21_0010 2013-11-21_0011 2013-11-21_0012 2013-11-21_0013 2013-11-21_0014 2013-11-21_0015 2013-11-21_0016 2013-11-21_0017 2013-11-21_0018 2013-11-21_0019 2013-11-21_0020 2013-11-21_0021 2013-11-21_0022 2013-11-21_0023 2013-11-21_0024 2013-11-21_0025 2013-11-21_0026 2013-11-21_0027 2013-11-21_0028 2013-11-21_0029 2013-11-21_0030 2013-11-21_0031 2013-11-21_0032 2013-11-21_0033 2013-11-21_0034 2013-11-21_0035 2013-11-21_0036 2013-11-21_0037 2013-11-21_0038

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