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There is no way you haven’t heard of the Paleo diet yet. And if you haven’t, let me educate you. Paleo diet is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals (jacked that definition from Google). My definition: Only eat meat, nuts, and fruits. Excluding: peanuts, rice, potatoes, and corn. I started this diet with my family; David and my sister, Amy, a few weeks ago. Actually, I think it’s been about a month ago now. Before you freak out, I am doing this to be healthy and feel healthy. Even though you may not think you see it, I have gained a few unhealthy pounds since marriage. I would rather reverse this effect before the ball really starts rolling. So, after hearing our friends talk about how much they love this diet, we got on board. This is David’s second, and most successful attempt. My sister, Amy, happens to be quite the cook, so most of the time it doesn’t feel at all like we’re missing out. She makes it easy to ignore the biggest temptation; bread.

My overall synopsis is DO IT. Especially if you are looking for a diet that is easy. Yes, you are cutting out potential staples in your diet. But once you learn to cut it out, you can eat as much of the healthy foods as you want! This is NOT a starve-yourself-to-death diet. It’s just healthy. My confession to you is that I pretty much suck at not cheating on a daily basis (ha!), but I’m getting better! I have promised myself that I will never cut out cheese or cream in milk. The most rewarding thing that has happened to me thus far was last weekend when David and I were away celebrating our two year anniversary. We decided to completely commit to breaking the rules and order PIZZA. It doesn’t get worse than that. Well that night and the next day we felt lethargic. Maybe that’s a little extreme. But I have never noticed the way that unhealthy foods and sugars actually affect my body and stamina. This really works.

Be healthier! You only live once. Yes. I went there.

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