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I think that when I look back on my life, I get overwhelmed by God’s grace. And although I actually am horrible at enjoying all of the moments that past by in my life, there are times when I realize that I am fortunate beyond apprehension. Here is a small picture story of the things that I am thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving!

1: Christ in my life.I am not going to lie. I had no idea what the junk to put for a picture here, because a tacky picture of Jesus looking at the sky carved out of wood was not going to cut it. I am so very thankful for my relationship with Jesus. I have found new life in him. New hope. A new vision. I understand that many of you may not agree or understand what I mean, but what he has done for me is undeniable.


2: David. My husband being brought into my life has been nothing short of amazing. How everything actually worked out sounds like someone should write a dang movie on it. It’s messy and crazy and stupid and all of that cliche stuff that people always say. But on the real side of my marriage, David is so wise. He blesses my life by loving me the best way he can and earnestly longing to learn how to love me more like Christ. He blows me away. I am so thankful for every second I get to be with him. These photos are from the way way back. And a little embarrassing. DSCN1235 IMG_0479 DS1_3105 DS1_6763_picnik DSCN4254 2011_11_FS-333 2011_11_FS-511 2011_11_FS-424

One year anniversary!


Second Christmas married


3: Family. It seems that every person that gets involved with my family always says the same thing; “There are so many of you!” and “I love you guys!”. It’s true. There are billions of us. ha! Just kidding. My family supports me. They love me. And I couldn’t be more thankful for them. This applies to my immediate family and to my in-laws. I don’t think anyone has hit such a great jackpot.

DS1_6820 DSCN3836 DSC_5941 DSC_5964 1461003_10202661867376895_1897801707_n 101_4481 DSCN0124 DSCN0153 DSCN0154 DSCN0235 DSCN0251 DSCN0504  Untitled-1 0927081428a DSCN1738

4: Friends. It was difficult not being extensive in this area. I have GOBS of pictures of me with hundreds of friends. My life has been effected in some way by each one of them. I care for each one and love them. I am so thankful for everyone that God has placed in my life. I wish I could make this post miles long to include you all.

The struggle of where to put pictures of Brittany was awkward, too. She is now my sister-in-law, but she has always been my best friend. So here she lies, just cause.

0530081918a (2) DSCN2215 109_2079 109_2145 01

5: My church. Sheesh. Being a part of BridgePoint, especially from the very beginning has been life changing. I love seeing God grow it. All of the things I have been able to have an impact on. Going to Uganda recently. Seeing people come to faith in Jesus. It’s all worth it. It’s so great. If you are looking for a church! Definitely keep BridgePoint in mind.

Our first meeting place. This is, I believe, the turn out for our first meeting, three years ago.


Our third location was YRC Cinemas. We were there for 9 months. This was our children’s ministry area.


DIVE. Our youth ministry on a game night! ha!


Last year for Easter! Only 3 years and look what Christ has done!


6. I see that I have been blessed with talents. One of my hopes for my life is to be able to bless people with those talents. I see God using me in my photography business to bless other people. I only hope that I can give back to you as much as I have been blessed by your support in my business.

Worship leading has changed the way that I use my voice forever. Lifting my voice to bring God the glory is not amplified only by microphones and speakers, but by the hundreds of other people also worshiping Him with me. I’m so thankful to be used in this way. I know that God could use anyone for this. I love that He uses me.

DSC_6943 IMG_2453 DSC_9352
7: I was made to have relationship with other people. I have recently had a new view of relationship. I am starting to realize how short every day really is. How quickly someone can be here and then be gone. I am so thankful for each person that I have the opportunity to have a relationship with. I want to be more aware of the short amount of time I really have with them.

My cousin, Devon, has helped me gain a new view of life and its fragility. Five months ago he was murdered. It stings thinking of the time that I wasted. Yes, there is a new fear of losing those close to me, but I want to live every day like it’s my actual last, before they’re all gone.


Us at his wedding a few months before his death.




8:  I am so thankful for the intangible things like hope. I have hope for the future. Although I have no idea what may happen in my future or the future of my family, living with a peace that it will be great gives me something to push forward to. Gives me even a greater reason to live today to it’s fullest.




9: I’m thankful for growth. For growth in Christ. For growth in my business. For growth in character and in patience. I hope that ten years from now, I will have grown so much that I look more like Christ. More like love, generosity, talent, and grace.


PDI_0032 PDI_0084 PDI_0252 PDI_0037 PDI_0112  PDI_0308


10: I’d hate to be shallow here, but I am so thankful for coffee and electronics. Coffee is delicious and actually makes my life better. Electronics give me an outlet to something that understands me no matter what! hahaha. I actually am a nerd, by the way! -sips coffee-

929700 2406535-i-love-coffee-cup-on-a-burlap-background


Thanks for sticking it out all the way until the end!





  1. My sweet baby girl ! Thank you so much for this wonderful blog, your Dad and I laughed and cried. God is good all the time. He has blessed us all beyond meassure. I am so very thankful for our wonderful children and life. We are all blessed beyond words.

  2. Ahhhh! I made it on here! Haha I feel so loved. I have always felt so incredibly loved by you, through thick and thin, no matter what you have been a true friend to me. It’s such a privelage to be a part of your life and watch you grow in your relationship with Jesus and your knowledge in photography. You blow my mind. Thanks for being such an amazing friend. I love you pieces. 143!

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