Olivia | Senior Portraits



The light wasn’t working with us on this day, that’s for sure. I still haven’t gotten used to the time change. What is this? The sun going down at 4:50 or 5:00?! Well we were almost really stuck in a bind, literally running around in the dark by the end of our shoot. I even brought my flash out, FOR ONCE. (Not really my thing. At all.) But you would never know!! Olivia is model-status. For real. We even had a guy walk up on our meeting today and ask Olivia if she was a model! haha He was very impressed by her. I’m so happy with the way everything turned out, that I am splurging on a Venti. Such a good day.

Olivia, you are GORGEOUS.

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2013-11-21_0040 2013-11-21_0041 2013-11-21_0042 2013-11-21_0043 2013-11-21_0044 2013-11-21_0045 2013-11-21_0046 2013-11-21_0047 2013-11-21_0048 2013-11-21_0049 2013-11-21_0050 2013-11-21_0051

Favorite!! 2013-11-21_0052 2013-11-21_0053 2013-11-21_0054 2013-11-21_0055 2013-11-21_0056 2013-11-21_0057 2013-11-21_0058 2013-11-21_0059 2013-11-21_0060 2013-11-21_0061 2013-11-21_0062 2013-11-21_0063 2013-11-21_0064 2013-11-21_0065 2013-11-21_0066 2013-11-21_0067 2013-11-21_0068 2013-11-21_0069 2013-11-21_0074 2013-11-21_0070 2013-11-21_0073 2013-11-21_0071 2013-11-21_0076 2013-11-21_0072 2013-11-21_00752013-11-21_00772013-11-21_0078


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