Fun Frenzy | Late Weekend Wrap Up

Somehow, last weekend ended up giving me a lot of bonding time with my camera. In two days, I had a photo-shoot with my brother and his family, my aunt, her dad, and uncle, his dad (my grandpa), his four kids, their spouses, and their four kids, and my sister-in-law, Brittany. And every single one was just a ton of fun. It was the most rewarding being able to spend so much time with my family all in one weekend, while also being able to bless them with something that they will cherish forever. And hey, I got some pictures of myself out of it (:

Brittany just got herself a new camera! I am not kidding. This is what she said to me when she got it, “TIFFANY. I’m so excited, I feel like I might throw up!!!” hahaha. SO. We went out and took pictures of each other yesterday on my day off. Even went into an old vintage store. We had so much fun. I’ll have to put up the images that she took of me soon.

And in case you’re wondering, no. I don’t have Saturdays off like a normal person, I take Mondays off instead.

Thanks for reading, friends!

© 2013 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

Do not copy or reproduce the following images.

2013-12-04_0001 2013-12-04_0002 2013-12-04_0003  2013-12-04_0005 2013-12-04_0006 2013-12-04_0007 2013-12-04_0008  2013-12-04_0010 2013-12-04_0011 2013-12-04_0012 2013-12-04_0013 2013-12-04_0014 2013-12-04_0015

HA! I love her so much. 2013-12-04_0016

Surprise! A few she took of me with my camera. 2013-12-04_0017 2013-12-04_0018 2013-12-04_0019 2013-12-04_0020  My brother, sister-in-law, and niece!2013-12-04_0022 2013-12-04_0024 2013-12-04_0025 2013-12-04_0026 2013-12-04_0027 2013-12-04_0028

The family! 2013-12-04_0029 2013-12-04_0030 2013-12-04_0031 2013-12-04_0032 2013-12-04_0033 2013-12-04_0035 2013-12-04_0036 2013-12-04_0037

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