Amy Marie | Portraits

She is MY sister and she tells me that she’s never had a photo-shoot just of her!? Crazy, right? Well I changed that this morning, this cold cold cold morning. The frost was worth the numb fingers. SO BEAUTIFUL. But so cold. We definitely got in there and got out! But at least I proved that you can have a fun time at a photo-shoot in the winter, people! While also getting beautiful images out of it. My sister is so beautiful, and now I’m even more excited for my photo-shoot with my other sister, Ashley, next week!!

One of my biggest goals for 2014 is purchase my dream camera, Canon 5D Mark 3. Luckily, I’ve got connections and got my hands on one for the weekend 🙂 So, I am even more excited to share this shoot with you, because it’s my first shoot ever with the Mark 3! It was absolutely everything I’ve hoped and dreamed, and now I’m just that much more motivated.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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2013-12-12_0003 2013-12-12_0004 2013-12-12_0005 2013-12-12_0006 2013-12-12_0007  2013-12-12_0009 2013-12-12_0010 2013-12-12_0011 2013-12-12_0012 2013-12-12_0013 2013-12-12_0014 2013-12-12_0015 2013-12-12_0016 2013-12-12_0017 2013-12-12_0018  2013-12-12_0020 2013-12-12_0021 2013-12-12_0022 2013-12-12_0023 2013-12-12_0024 2013-12-12_00252013-12-12_0027 2013-12-12_0028 2013-12-12_0029 2013-12-12_0030  2013-12-12_0032  2013-12-12_0034 2013-12-12_0035 2013-12-12_0036 2013-12-12_0037 2013-12-12_0038 2013-12-12_0039 2013-12-12_0040 2013-12-12_0041  2013-12-12_0043 2013-12-12_0044 2013-12-12_0045 2013-12-12_0046 2013-12-12_0047 2013-12-12_0048 2013-12-12_0049 2013-12-12_0050 2013-12-12_0051 2013-12-12_0052 2013-12-12_0053 2013-12-12_0054

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