Brooke | Portraits

It feels like so long since I’ve blogged and it feels soo good to be coming back with something so BEAUTIFUL to share with you all. Maybe you can notice by looking at her, but Brooke is my cousin! We were born 17 days apart and we’ve grown up together. Half of our lives, we have lived in walking distance from eachother. She holds a special place in my heart and just feels like one of my sisters.

It’s been about a year since I’ve last taken pictures of her, and oh my gosh! She just gets more beautiful with time. We started 7am and you would never know! Every time I look through these pictures I find another reason to fall in love with them.

Congratulations, Brookie, you melt my heart.


© 2013 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

Do not copy or reproduce following images.

2013-12-30_0001 2013-12-30_0002 2013-12-30_0003 2013-12-30_0004 2013-12-30_0005 2013-12-30_0006 2013-12-30_0007 2013-12-30_0008 2013-12-30_0009 2013-12-30_0010 2013-12-30_0011 2013-12-30_0012 2013-12-30_0013 2013-12-30_0014 2013-12-30_0015 2013-12-30_0016 2013-12-30_0017 2013-12-30_00182013-12-30_0020 2013-12-30_0021 2013-12-30_0022 2013-12-30_0023 2013-12-30_0024 2013-12-30_0025 2013-12-30_0026 2013-12-30_0027 2013-12-30_0028 2013-12-30_00292013-12-30_0031 2013-12-30_0032 2013-12-30_0033 2013-12-30_0034 2013-12-30_0035  2013-12-30_0037 2013-12-30_0038 2013-12-30_0039 2013-12-30_0040 2013-12-30_0041 2013-12-30_0042 2013-12-30_0043 2013-12-30_0044 2013-12-30_00452013-12-30_0047 2013-12-30_0048 2013-12-30_0049 2013-12-30_0050

She is so beautiful!

2013-12-30_0051 2013-12-30_0052

ha! It was 7am! And FREEZING! 2013-12-30_0053

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