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I know that none of you had any idea about this trip. Well. Neither did I! The original plan was to drive out to Pheonix with David’s sister and brother. But when we got that far, we thought, “why the heck not just drive across the country?” I know. I’m young and can do this sort of crazy stuff and get away with it. And I am NOT complaining. I just drove across the entire country!! Correction, I just RODE across the entire country. I haven’t sat in the driver’s seat for one second. (Driving’s not really something I’m in love with. But riding. Riding I can do.)

I’m sitting here in LA for the night, creating this post, and when you read it, I’ll either be dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean, or walking the Hollywood walk of fame. It’s CRAZY that I got to do this.

It has been quite the journey. First stopping, after traveling 24 hours, in Oklahoma/the land of NOTHING, and stayed there for New Year’s. It was so beautiful, blank, and peaceful there. My sister-in-law, Rachel, likes to describe OK as ‘abandoned’. Perfect description.

Then drove to Pheonix, stayed the night in Rachel’s beautiful apartment. Got up. Went on our way to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Now, let me explain why the Grand Canyon pictures look the way they do. The sun was setting as we got there, and after sprinting to the edge, we barely made it there in time to even make anything out. So, if you haven’t already figured it out, we sat still for 30 seconds in that picture of us at the Canyons. It was so dark, we were using a flash light. HA! Making memories everywhere.

Walked around Vegas last night, stopped at the Hoover Dam (which was my favorite), and headed to our very nice hotel in California! I’m so excited for exploring tomorrow.

This won’t be the last of my posts from this trip!


Enjoy, friends! Thanks for reading!

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2014-01-04_0028 2014-01-04_0029

The small town that we stayed at in OK. Where David is walking is their “main street”. Those two buildings. YEAH.2014-01-04_0002 2014-01-04_0001 2014-01-04_0003

Here is an abandoned house we went into! I was having a FIELD DAY in this place.2014-01-04_0005 2014-01-04_0004 2014-01-04_0006 2014-01-04_0007 2014-01-04_0008 2014-01-04_0013 2014-01-04_0011 2014-01-04_0010 2014-01-04_0012 2014-01-04_0014 2014-01-04_0009 2014-01-04_0015 2014-01-04_0016 2014-01-04_0017 2014-01-04_0018 2014-01-04_0021 2014-01-04_0023

Of course I brought this home with me 😉2014-01-04_0019 2014-01-04_0020 2014-01-04_0022

The people we stayed with had a farm. Behind this horse, is Texas! About 20 miles away. You can see lights blinking right near the border at night. It’s actually very beautiful.2014-01-04_0025

New years party!2014-01-04_0027 2014-01-04_0026 2014-01-04_0032 2014-01-04_0033 2014-01-04_0034

Fortunately, we had some food with us and David gave it to them (:2014-01-04_0035

I knew immediately that David would FREAK when we passed this house, right in a valley. All rustic and such. His dream.2014-01-04_0038 2014-01-04_0037 2014-01-04_0036 2014-01-04_0030

VEGAS BABY!2014-01-04_0041 DCIM100GOPRO2014-01-04_0042 2014-01-04_0043 2014-01-04_0044 2014-01-04_0045

We met up with some friends of Rachel’s while passing through New Mexico.2014-01-04_0046

The Hoover Dam!! DCIM100GOPRO2014-01-04_0047     2014-01-04_0052 2014-01-04_0053 2014-01-04_0054 2014-01-04_0055 2014-01-04_0056 2014-01-04_0057 2014-01-04_0058 2014-01-04_0059 2014-01-04_0060 2014-01-04_0061 2014-01-04_0062 DCIM100GOPRO2014-01-04_0063 2014-01-04_0065

If you know anything about David, you saw this one coming a while ago.DCIM100GOPRO 2014-01-04_0064

My brother-in-law, Stephen (:DCIM100GOPRO 2014-01-04_0066 2014-01-04_00672014-01-04_00682014-01-04_00692014-01-04_00702014-01-04_00712014-01-04_0072

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