Tuesday Treat | For Your Happiness

tuesdaytreatsHappy Tuesday, Ladies.  I really hope your Monday fared you well. But on the off chance that SOMETHING went wrong yesterday, even though Monday’s are always the best day of the week (uh. uh.) I wanted to remind you today that you are beautiful and lovely and all of those things. And thought to do that by making you an iPhone (or whatever device) background.

I’m starting a new “thing” called Tuesday Treats! (: My plan is to make new phone backgrounds for your encouragement or just because I think it’s cute and I want to. I am always looking for different ways to express my creative urges, and now I’ll get to design something every week! Even if it’s really simple.

Going through life is just.. difficult. And I know just as well as the next pretty girl, that it’s hard to find yourself beautiful or of value. WELL, GIRLS. As you walk into work or through the halls of your school, remember that YOUR beauty is beautiful. And so is the girl’s that you’re always comparing yourself to. You are absolutely stunning and have value today. Jesus loves who he made you to be, and I do, too. On your most rough day. After you felt like Monday was never going to be over and now you have to face Tuesday. On your best day. No matter what you look like. You are special. I am special. We need to be ladies who see their loveliness and then teach our friends to think the same way.

Maybe I’m not going to start a movement or something (because I’m certainly not trying to), but maybe you’ll look at yourself differently today. I know that you look at your phone a bajillion times a day (like I do). Be reminded that you being you is amazing. Love your flaws, whatever they may be, because that face of yours is one of a kind. Your beauty is beautiful, simply because it’s yours. And you have to see that when the world tells you wrong.

Have a good day walking this town with loveliness.

Tips for using this as your background! I made this as a fairly versatile iPhone 4s background. I know that it’s perfect for them, and I am pretty sure that it will work great on just about everything else (: Leave comments and let me know how it works on your device!

For iPhones: It will look the best all the time if you turn off that 3-D experience Apple has been trying to give you. This way your background will stay in the correct place. For once. (: It’s easy to do, simply navigate to Settings>General>Accessibility and turn the “Reduce Motion” option on. There. Much better.

Stay lovely, ladies. ❤

Your Beauty is beautiful 4s polka

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