Hello, Monday | Weekend Wrap Up

weekend wrap upWeekend Wrap Up posts only happen for me after I’ve had a really awesome weekend. And this weekend was a really awesome weekend. So, here’s a weekend wrap up. 😉

The Valentine Mini sessions were amazing. We had so much fun! And I swear Jesus planned that weather just for me. The weather was disgusting the day before AND after. I’m claiming that for myself. Because He loves me and I can! ha

My sister, Amy, helped me the whole day! When we got home, our husbands had a fancy dinner made for us, candles, deliciousness, chocolate, (potted) flowers, and all that jazz.

They planned for us to go ice skating after. And unlike most of my ice skating ventures, I didn’t fall once, and did a few laps without holding someone’s hand. I felt like a champion overcoming some huge barrier. Amy wasn’t so lucky. We laughed a lot, and she got one or two bruises. 😉

Saturday,  I got to go take pictures with my friend, Melissa! Her baby is literally the cutest child ever.
Then I went with my sister-in-law/best friend, Brittany, to go see our friend, Kim, find out the gender of her baby! It’s a GIRL! ❤ Her name will be Emily Kathleen.

Brittany and I got to hang out after! (: She treated me to Hibachi Grille! She and I love to go to that place and hadn't been since before she had Elijah, my nephew!

Sunday was the third anniversary of BridgePoint. There was most definitely cake, balloons, and loud music. I can't believe how much God can grow a church in just three years. And I got to see it all. It brought tears to my eyes as my sister-in-law and a friend of mine were baptized. God has the victory. We had so much fun celebrating it.

My niece, Alora, turned 9. HOW? Just how?

WINTERJAM!! Do I even need to say more? Best concert every year! Thankfully, we were lucky enough to get in before it sold out.

I got to see Lecrae (and a number of other great artists) for the first time and I FREAKED OUT. It was amazing to hear him so boldly deny himself and give all of the glory to Jesus. And I danced like a fool.

I hope you had a great weekend, too. ❤
Here are some highlights from my weekend!

Stay lovely, ladies.

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