Choosing Emotions | Tuesday Treats

tuesdaytreatsThis post is going to be difficult for me. I need to be really honest. As I was thinking about what to post today, I asked David what he thought I should write about to encourage you. And he asked me, “Well, what do you struggle with?”

Gah. I’m supposed to encourage you on what I have a hard time telling myself? His answer was yes. He said something has to happen in me before something can happen through me. So I chose to share my heart with you.

Something that David always catches me saying is, “You made me sad/mad/frustrated!” And he stops me every time and says, “I don’t MAKE YOU DO anything”. Yes. Earlier in our marriage whenever he would say this, I thought he was being quite annoying. Mostly because it seemed like he was just trying to pick on me. BUT as I got to know my husband better, I realized that it’s much deeper than that.

David is saying that I choose what affects me. I choose how to respond, how to mentally invest, and how to emote in a situation. Pouting is a choice. And so is happiness.

I know! It sounded insane the first time he said it, too. But the longer that I’ve let it sink in, the more sense it makes. I choose to have a good day. I have a choice between speaking out of anger or speaking out of love.

Being a lady, like most of you reading this are, emotions tend to tug at me. They take my logic with them down a trail of crying, joy, and sadness. And sometimes within the same hour! hahaha

But we don’t have to be slaves to our emotion. We can choose to cope and react in a completely SANE MANNER. We can choose to be awesome. We have to believe the best and realize that things really aren’t as big of a deal as they seem right now. And even if they are, will it matter next week? Next year? In ten years?

I don’t have to wait for a great attitude. I don’t have to wait for more money, a good hair day, to have the perfect voice, perfect grades, or perfect friends. I can choose a good attitude. And so can you.

Wow. I could have never said these things a year ago. And the truth is, I’m still learning. Like really. I’m not just saying that. I’m pretty terrible at this, but I finally get it! I am not a slave to my emotions. When I’m sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead. Because it’s not very fun to be a grump. I’d rather be happy. I’d rather have fun.

Would you?

Do that this week. Or at least try to change your mindset. When you want to burst out in rage or gossip. Believe that you have a choice, and you’ll start telling your emotions who is boss. And yes, it feels good. You’ll catch yourself smiling when everyone else is FREAKING out.

Good luck today. You can do it. You will fail. But I’ll be learning right along with you.
Walk this town with loveliness, ladies.

Enjoy your wallpaper!!

© 2014 Tiffany Sigmon Photography


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