Learning To Be You | Tuesday Treats

tuesdaytreatsAnd again, I’m writing about something that I struggle with. Wrestle with. And deal with almost every single day. How can I “teach” you on this matter? Well. I am not sure that I can. But I might be able to help you feel like you’re not the only one.

I don’t really know how to be “myself” around most people. Well. I am myself. A version of myself. But a lot of “me” is filtered out because I’m wanting to make a good impression. I want people to like me. What’s so wrong with that?

Well as time goes by I’m learning that there is EVERYTHING wrong with that. People liking me isn’t the problem. The problem is that’s is what my reactions are ruled by. I am a people-pleaser. I believe that certain things should not happen in public for the good of those around me, yes. But not speaking up when I want to, not telling people how I really feel on a matter, and getting hot and sweaty in normal conversation is just not something I want to continue living with.

How to completely get rid of these traits? I’m not quite sure yet, or I guess I wouldn’t be writing this post. But it couldn’t hurt to remind myself as much as I can that it’s not the end of the world if someone doesn’t see the same way that I do. Of course, I have to cover my motives and responses in love, but I don’t have to stay silent. And neither do you.

It’s a trap. It seems like it’s the easiest way to get through life, when it’s one of the most difficult. How could we grow if we didn’t learn from one another?

What you have to say is important. It might not be correct all of the time. But that’s how you grow. And you definitely won’t if you aren’t pushing yourself.

I’m talking to myself here. What I have to say is important. It does have value. I am my own person. And I can speak up just as good as anyone else.

My motive should not be to please people, but to please Jesus. He is the only one I should be filtering my thoughts and responses around. If I can learn to do that, peace would come to me. And to you.

BeYOUtiful, ladies.
Here is your phone background for the week!

(P.S. I’m happy to be back home! I can’t wait to start booking my senior sessions and get down to business!!)

© 2014 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

be you tiful


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