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tuesdaytreatsWelcome to my Tuesday Treats! Where I get to encourage you with whatever I feel like and make a sweet little phone background for you!

Yesterday, as I was relaxing on my day off, I was thinking about what the junk I wanted to share with you today. And so, as this happens very often, I told David of my dilemma. By happenstance, I had JUST finished sharing with him how much I enjoyed our day off.

Now I know that most of you NORMAL people take your day off on Saturday. Well. Since David and I work and serve at a church, it doesn’t quite suit our schedule to take our day off RIGHT before show time! So, I take it right after instead. It’s perfect. And It’s so so important.

I’ve heard multiple people speak on the importance of rest. It affects your productivity if you’re working non stop. Even in one full day. Especially in one full week. And SUPER especially in one full year.

You need a break mentally and physically. You need rest. Not just a good nights sleep. Twenty minutes a day just to sit quietly and enjoy a few minutes of down time. One day a week to get pumped for the week to come. And a good vacation a year to refresh yourself deep down.

It’s a priority for me to have rest time each day because I know how much I’m affected when I don’t make it a priority. Yes, highschoolers. Even YOU need rest time. At least I did when I was in high school.

Want a challenge?
Take 20 minutes today just to sit silently and relax. It’s BEAUTIFUL outside today. It’s only going to help you. I’ll give you all of your money back if it doesn’t. 😉


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