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high school meWell there you have it. Here is where my photography skills started. Taking pictures of myself in my front yard. HA.

When I think back on the high school days, my immediate reaction is to shake my head and pinch my lips together tightly. Oh, I’m still young and I’ve probably got many years to live. But up to this point, my high school years have been my toughest yet.

They warn you PLENTY in middle school about the four years coming for you. But they can’t adequately prepare you for the teen emotions that are sure to drive your decision making. The boys. The stupid. STUPID. Boys. And the mistakes that you will make along the way.

Yes. I’m talking about myself. The girl that, despite a few months there in the middle, seemed to always have it together. Was almost always smiling and had the goodie two-shoes reputation. Even I was splashing through pools of tears trying to find my way to stability. Trying to become a decent lady. Balancing drama then grades. In that order.

You, girl. In high school. Let me tell you a few things I wish I could tell teenager-Tiffany. I picked up a few gems along the way.

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1. It’s going to be okay! Maybe you don’t think you will graduate. But trust me, if you’re TRYING. You will. Maybe you don’t think you’ll make it if he dumps you. You will. Maybe you can’t stand living with your parents anymore. You can. The four years will be over before you know it and YOU will be a beautiful young lady.

2. Your decisions do matter. Teenage years set the tone for how you’re going to live your early twenties. Make the decision to respect your class mates and care for them. It will be easier to love the annoying people you’ll have to work with one day. If you date a billion guys in just four years, you might start believing that relationships can’t last and just come and go. But that’s not true. One day the annoying boys will be annoying men with more dignity (hopefully, at least). If you fall behind on your work now, you’ll start a pattern of falling behind in life. You can have a good job. But you can’t keep it if you can’t keep up.

3. Zits go away. Little things that seem like such a big deal will pass. Zits. Bad hair days. That embarrassing thing that your class saw you do. The time your shoes didn’t match your outfit.

4. You are more special than you understand. In the crowd of girls that you compare yourself to daily, you are different. You stand out because your strengths are different than theirs. You will always be different than other people in so many ways. But you are not WRONG for being YOU. You are YOU for being you. Don’t wish you were her. Know that you is beautiful. Your life is special.

5. Being popular only lasts the four years of high school. That doesn’t follow you into the “real world”. So, is it really worth your time?

Walk today with loveliness, ladies. ❤

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