Katelyn & Abe | Portraits

2014-03-26_0034Katelyn and Abe couldn’t be a cuter couple! I’m so excited to be the one shooting their wedding! It’s going to be adorable. A cute country wedding in a BARN!! I have a feeling that this wedding is going to make me want to have mine all over again.

We have something quite special in common. Getting married YOUNG. Getting those rebukes from other people isn’t always the most pleasant thing in the world. And I know it’s difficult fighting the battle for confidence in your decision when all you can hear is that you’re weird for it.

But I’m excited for them! I only wish the best for these two headed straight for their marriage confident in their decision. I know they can do this!

Enjoy these images! ❤ Wish you could have seen how adorable they were in person.


© 2014 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

2014-03-26_0001 2014-03-26_00032014-03-26_00042014-03-26_0029 2014-03-26_0005 2014-03-26_0006 2014-03-26_0008 2014-03-26_0009 2014-03-26_0010 2014-03-26_0012 2014-03-26_0013 2014-03-26_0014 2014-03-26_0015 2014-03-26_0016 2014-03-26_0017 2014-03-26_0018 2014-03-26_0019 2014-03-26_0020 2014-03-26_0021 2014-03-26_00222014-03-26_0032 2014-03-26_00242014-03-26_0030 2014-03-26_00262014-03-26_0028 2014-03-26_0027


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