April Fools! | Tuesday Treats

Happy Tuesday Treats, everybody!

This week and last week have been the two busiest weeks that I’ve had in a very long time! As many of you may know, the Daffodil Festival is THIS WEEKEND. And no, I’m not the Daffodil Queen anymore, but I do still have things to do in preparation for this event almost every year.

This year, I’m creating the promo video that BridgePoint will be showing ON THEIR FLOAT and in their tent. And it’s definitely the most animated video I’ve ever created. So I’m learning  A BUNCH. But it’s kept me on my computer basically 24/7.

With all that said, this blog post will be a short one! Sorry to put you, my beautiful readers, on the back burner for this week. Still love me?

For your phone background this week, I’m putting in a little iPhone tutorial on how to save this picture and set it as your background! Because I keep hearing from so many of you that you don’t know how to save it!!

1. Hold your finger down on the image until a menu pops up.

2. Select “Save Image” from the list.

3. The image is now saved into your Camera Roll and can be set as your background!

wink face

Thanks for reading!! ❤




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