5 Reasons Why I’m A Photographer | Do What You Love

why am i a photographerPhotography is a growing industry. Everyone can see that and I’m not going to pretend that I am the best or even close to it! There are millions billions of photographers out there now, all with different styles and abilities. You can take a better picture on your phone now than most photographers could take 20 years ago. And it seems like everyone has a DSLR these days. So how do I fit in with all of the billions of other photographers? Why am I a photographer in this county? Why do I want to make a dent in this industry?

1. To be honest, I love photography! Almost everything about it. But photography is not my passion.

My passion is to bring joy to other’s lives! I want to show other people love and I want to do sweet things for them. Photography is the way that I can do that without looking like a creep. I want to leave an impression on their day and let them know that when they’re around me, they can be confident and themselves. I want to show them that they are unique and special. I can’t think of a better profession to express that in! I want Christ to use me and my photography business to change lives. Even if it’s on the smallest scale or the largest, it’s worth it!!


2. I am a girly girl!!

I have always loved dressing my friends up as models for the day! Making them pose for me for hours in the hot sun with huge feather boa’s around them. I’ve always followed my nieces around taking pictures of everything they do, even if it’s not cute. I have so many pictures of my brother Jeremy posing for me. And of course.. I took about a million selfies when that was still considered vein and weird. Once I realized that I could do almost these exact same things as a profession (minus the selfies), I was convinced this was for me.

Want some proof?!  😉

 2014-05-22_0001 2014-05-22_0002 2014-05-22_0003 2014-05-22_0004

3. I love being artistic.

I couldn’t draw a beautiful picture if my life depended on it, but nothing gets me more excited than to create things!!! Singing songs, taking pictures, creating videos, websites, logo’s.  ANYTHING I can get my hands on and create makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.

4. It came naturally.

Please don’t hear this as bragging, because that is not my intention!!! But this whole photography thing has come quite natural to me since day one. I don’t mean that I don’t/didn’t have to practice, challenge myself, or always strive to get better!! By no means! But every step is a joy to me. I love the entire process.

5. Owning a photography business challenges me to grow in so many areas.

My focus, my business mind, my relationship building, my work ethic, my humbleness to serve others, my skill, and most of all, my comfort zone has to constantly grow while owning this business. It’s crazy to even think that I am going at this on my own. With everything else in my life I have needed someone else beside me every step of the way. This has challenged me to grow my confidence in myself and my faith in Jesus. There are definitely hard days here and I have had to make the decision to trust him in tough decisions and awkward situations. He has never failed me!! I’m still alive, can you believe it?!

In conclusion, I love what I do. Thank you for supporting me!! I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have other people who believed in me. Do what you love, it will change your life. 


I made a phone background for you guys in honor of today’s post!!


iPhone 4/4s


iPhone 5


Here is a quick tutorial on how to save today’s free iPhone (or any phone) background! photo1

  1. Tap and hold down on the photo
  2. A menu will slide up – tap “Save Image”
  3. The photo will be saved to your Camera Roll

To find the picture later, just launch the Photo app.


Much love ❤ Tiffany

© 2014 Tiffany Sigmon Photography


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