Brittany And Elijah | Mommy & Baby Portraits

What started out as a lunch date, turned into a mini-shoot of my adorable nephew, Elijah, and best friend/sister-in-law, Brittany.


We were only outside for about 20 minutes and got SO MANY beautiful shots that are going to be a treasure to my family forever. And all I wanted to do was try out a lens I was renting for the weekend!! There is no doubt, the lens is beautifully perfect!!! I’ll be getting it, or one similar, in the next few months! I’m so excited. I can’t stand it.

Enjoy these precious images between a mother and son. ❤


© 2014 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

2014-05-30_0001 2014-05-30_0002 2014-05-30_0003 2014-05-30_0004 2014-05-30_0005 2014-05-30_0006

He’s the sweetest boy in the WORLD!!


FAVORITE!! Such a sweet moment!

2014-05-30_0008 2014-05-30_0009 2014-05-30_0010 2014-05-30_0011 2014-05-30_0012

Of course I had to get in one!! (:

2014-05-30_0013 2014-05-30_0014

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