Jordan & Stephen | Portraits

These two never looked so good. As some of you might know, Stephen is my brother in-law! And just a few months ago he and Jordan started dating! If you have ever been in a long distance relationship, you know how exciting it is when you finally get to see each other. Stephen lives in Phoenix, AZ and came back to Gloucester to visit Jordan for her birthday. To make it just a little more special, they asked me to take some pictures of them. Obviously, I did. Who could turn down such adorable people?!

Jordan and Stephen are such good friends. They love one another’s personalities and genuinely enjoy the other’s company. If you see anything through these pictures, see friendship. The laughter and silliness is genuine and shows each of their personalities to the tee. I hope viewing these brings you joy. Their smiles are contagious.   2014-07-15_0001 2014-07-15_0002 2014-07-15_0003 2014-07-15_0004 2014-07-15_0005 2014-07-15_0006 2014-07-15_0007 2014-07-15_0008 2014-07-15_0009 2014-07-15_0010 2014-07-15_0011 2014-07-15_0012 2014-07-15_0013 2014-07-15_0014 2014-07-15_0015 2014-07-15_0016 2014-07-15_0017 2014-07-15_0018 2014-07-15_0019 2014-07-15_0020 2014-07-15_0021 2014-07-15_0022

WORK IT! Favorites!!!

2014-07-15_0023 2014-07-15_0024

I love this one! Jordan looks so classic and adorable!

2014-07-15_0025 2014-07-15_0026 2014-07-15_0027 2014-07-15_0028

HA!! They crack me up.

2014-07-15_0029 2014-07-15_00302014-07-15_00322014-07-15_0031

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