Dane & Berni

We had been trying to set it up for a year. Heck, more than a year. But I am completely okay with that! We finally got to do this photo-shoot and it was WORTH THE WAIT for the incredible shots we got out of it. Such a beautiful day. Not too hot, but warm enough. And the most beautiful location that called for an adventure of sorts.

Afterwards, they took me out to Cheddars (YUM) and we finally had an excuse to hang out. Dane and Berni are so special to me. I love being around them and am so honored that I was able to capture such beautiful people. We shared lots of laughs.

Enjoy these. I hope you can see how their love keeps them inseparable.

© 2014 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

These images are under copyright law.


2014-07-23_0001 2014-07-23_0002


2014-07-23_0003 2014-07-23_0004 2014-07-23_0005

Berni is a Mary Kay consultant and loves makeup!! Look at those eyes!

2014-07-23_0006 2014-07-23_0007 2014-07-23_0008 2014-07-23_0009 2014-07-23_0010 2014-07-23_0011 2014-07-23_0012 2014-07-23_0013 2014-07-23_0014 2014-07-23_0015 2014-07-23_0016

What a cutie!!

2014-07-23_0017 2014-07-23_00182014-07-23_0038 2014-07-23_0019 2014-07-23_0020 2014-07-23_0021 2014-07-23_0022

I LOVE this one!!! They look so good!!!

2014-07-23_0024 2014-07-23_0025 2014-07-23_0026 2014-07-23_0027 2014-07-23_0028 2014-07-23_0029 2014-07-23_0031 2014-07-23_0032 2014-07-23_0033

Cutest couple EVER!!!

2014-07-23_0034 2014-07-23_0035 2014-07-23_0036 2014-07-23_0037

I had to feature Dane’s new favorite shoes, of course.


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