Mady | The Blue Eye’d Goddess

After Mady’s pictures, I went directly home, covered in sand and sweat to view them larger on my computer. The girl didn’t take a bad picture, and that means good things for me. It means that even though SHE was the one looking beautiful, I get the credit for it. 🙂 I’m sneaky like that.  Mady, her mom, Joann, and I had a chance to bond through this whole process and I really feel like I made two great new friends.


© 2014 Tiffany Sigmon Photography
These images are protected by copyright law.
Any reproduction would be a legal offense.


2014-07-29_0002 2014-07-29_0003 2014-07-29_0004 2014-07-29_0005 2014-07-29_0006 2014-07-29_0007 2014-07-29_0008 2014-07-29_0009 2014-07-29_0010 2014-07-29_0011 2014-07-29_0012 2014-07-29_0013 2014-07-29_0014 2014-07-29_0015 2014-07-29_0016 2014-07-29_0017 2014-07-29_0018 2014-07-29_0019

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