The Taylor Type | Branding Portraits

2014-08-17_0054I know that I broke some big blogging rules by having almost 70+ images in one post, but this was more about telling a story perfectly, and I couldn’t cut a part out!! (Even the outtakes because they’re hilarious) I love every part of this shoot that I had with Taylor this past week. And if you can’t tell, I tried a new style!! And we had a blast! These pictures aren’t quite the typical “light and airy” look that I try and go for and I’m loving it. I’ll be doing this more often.

A little about Taylor! She just started up a calligraphy business called The Taylor Type! View her Facebook page HERE. (GO LIKE HER FACEBOOK PAGE NOW!!) She is so passionate and talented at what she does and I have no doubts that she will succeed in her ventures. She’s planning for her new website (stay tuned for that) and needed new images for it! I was SO flattered and stoked that she chose me to be her photographer. She has such a unique style and it was fun to try and express that style for her. Her favorite (I MEAN FAVORITE) band ever to exist is The Civil Wars, explaining the records. The tattoo on her arm is brand spankin’ new. The numbers symbolize the date of her baptism in 2005, the day that she “has truly never been the same”. I know what she means. And she also just cut her hair last week!!

Next month marks two years of our friendship. Why do I know the exact date? Because we had to fight for it. To say the least, we have a very dramatic and scandalous past and I know without a doubt that I have caused her more pain than almost anyone in her life. We finally hit a breaking point two years ago and decided to finally get past our past. But that’s the cool thing, we didn’t just get past it— we broke free from it and flourished in a new relationship. I can confidently say now that it was the second most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Jesus molded both of our hearts at the right time and softened them to give and receive forgiveness like never before. The best thing now is that people think that we’re sisters because we resemble one another. Wow. I can’t tell you how much that flatters me. haha.

So these images mean more to me than just new portraits of a lovely girl. They’re a celebration and a great remembrance of everything that we have overcome together. I simply cannot narrow them down anymore. They’re too special for me not to share as many as I want. She’s a beauty, isn’t she?! Happy two year friendiversary, Taylor!

© 2014 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

2014-08-17_0001 2014-08-17_0002 2014-08-17_0003 2014-08-17_0004 2014-08-17_0005 2014-08-17_0006 2014-08-17_0007 2014-08-17_0008 2014-08-17_0009 2014-08-17_0010 2014-08-17_0011 2014-08-17_0012 2014-08-17_0013 2014-08-17_0014 2014-08-17_0015 2014-08-17_0016 2014-08-17_0017 2014-08-17_0018 2014-08-17_0019 2014-08-17_0020 2014-08-17_0021 2014-08-17_0022 2014-08-17_0023 2014-08-17_0024 2014-08-17_0025 2014-08-17_0026 2014-08-17_0027 2014-08-17_0028 2014-08-17_0029 2014-08-17_0030 2014-08-17_0031 2014-08-17_0032 2014-08-17_0033

FAVORITE!!!2014-08-17_0034 2014-08-17_0035 2014-08-17_0036 2014-08-17_0037 2014-08-17_0038 2014-08-17_0039 2014-08-17_0040 2014-08-17_0041 2014-08-17_0042 2014-08-17_0043 2014-08-17_0044 2014-08-17_0045 2014-08-17_0047



Dealing with the new hair!


2014-08-17_0048“Open your mouth a little bit” and this is what she gives me. haha





Frustrated that she can’t keep a straight face!! 2014-08-17_0051

Falling over in the first picture. In the second, some other people got there and we had to reign in our stuff from all over the yard.2014-08-17_00522014-08-17_0053



  1. This is awesome. I dont even know what to say. The pictures, the back ground, the clothes and expressions you chose, the “poses” (?) ans accessories…I love everything about it, you are very talented!!!
    And Butterfly, you are so freakin’ gorgeous! I am forever jealous of your perfect eyeliner do. But seriously, you are a beautiful person, and a beautiful model. Your website will be amazing, and I can’t wait for it! 🙂

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