twitter header 2014-01Oh YEAH!

I really cannot even begin to tell you how GREAT I feel about my new branding. I love it so much, and I’m so happy to finally be able to breath and know that it’s FINISHED!!!
I have been working on my new brand for months now, I wanted it to be professional, but also personal and FUN (obviously). My main hope is that it would function the way that I needed it to while representing my personality and what my business stands for!!!

I’ll have to be honest, for a long time my favorite color has been “teal”.. wait.. turquoise.. no mint. And honestly, I just COULD NOT choose my favorite for the life of me. Finally, I figured out a way to have my cake and eat it too. Yum!! I am in love.

Take a look around on my new website and blog! I’d love to hear your feedback!!

AND a HUGE thanks to my friend Danielle of Kaniele Photography for taking these FUN pictures of me and watching me act like a crazy person! haha

In honor

of my branding launch day, I also get to announce a SUPER FUN AND FANTASTIC event that I’m holding on September 13th! A color WAR with me and 20 girls!! It’s going to be so so much fun and I cannot wait to see who comes out to it. If you know a senior let them know about this!! It’s going to be so much fun and completely free!! (they deserve it after conquering school for 12 years).

Sign up, ladies!! This photo session is going to be fun! Invite your friends! There are limited spots!

color war files RGB-01-01

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