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You’ve seen Danielle on my blog before!! She’s actually still scrolling through those pictures up there ^^^ from our cozy winter shoot together!! She is one of my funnest and sweetest friends and recently she’s decided to delve into this crazy world, that I and a bajillion other people live in, THE PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD! She’s so excited and is seriously jumping on any opportunity that she can to improve her skill and grow her business. Without any hesitation, she’s made her blog, website, and started shooting the day after she made the decision to be a photographer!! Being someone who takes a lot of coaxing to take a big step, that was so encouraging to see!!! She’s been asking me questions and keeps getting better with every image she takes. These pictures are a result from the last coaching session I had with her!!

Not that I’m some photography genius or something, but it’s CRAZY to me that I am already able to pay it forward with the bit of photography that I do know. And it was so encouraging at the same time! So many people have poured into me and helped me grow in my photography journey, and I am excited that I already have the opportunity to be generous in the same way.

Along with being a great friend and growing photographer, she’s AMAZING in FRONT of the camera. I love taking pictures of her face. She’s a natural. Check these out and see her take of this shoot on her blog! (: She took pictures of me! So really, check it HERE.

Don’t forget to tell Danielle how sweet of an eye candy she is in the comments below!! ❤

I’ll start, Danielle, you’re BEAUTIFUL!!


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Daniele_0000 Daniele_0001 Daniele_0002 Daniele_0003 Daniele_0004 Daniele_0005 Daniele_0006 Daniele_0007 Daniele_0008 Daniele_0009 Daniele_0010 Daniele_0011 Daniele_0012 Daniele_0013 Daniele_0014 Daniele_0015 Daniele_0016 Daniele_0017 Daniele_0018 Daniele_0019

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