Baby Emily | Newborn

Daniele_0071Something beautiful happens when I get to be involved in the process of a baby being born. In this case, I was there for maternity portraits, Emily’s birth, her first arrival home, and her newborn portraits!! I can’t wait to show you her birth video, but for now, here she is fresh out of the tummy!! I love the intimacy and love that shows through these images.

It has been such a blessing to grow closer to this family. Kim, Kevin, Aidan, and now Emily all bless my life just by being in it, I’m so honored that I will be the one to share these images with you. But don’t blame it on me when you start envying them because of their cute-ness. They do that on their own 😉

© 2014 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

Visit if you’re interested in booking a session with me! But for now, enjoy these! ❤


Daniele_0032 Daniele_0033 Daniele_0034 Daniele_0035 Daniele_0036 Daniele_0037 Daniele_0038 Daniele_0039 Daniele_0040 Daniele_0041 Daniele_0042 Daniele_0043 Daniele_0044 Daniele_0045 Daniele_0046 Daniele_0047 Daniele_0048 Daniele_0049 Daniele_0050 Daniele_0051 Daniele_0052 Daniele_0053 Daniele_0054 Daniele_0055 Daniele_0056 Daniele_0057 Daniele_0058 Daniele_0059 Daniele_0060 Daniele_0061 Daniele_0062 Daniele_0063 Daniele_0064 Daniele_0065 Daniele_0066 Daniele_0067 Daniele_0068 Daniele_0069 Daniele_0070 Daniele_0071


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