Real Beauty Sketches | Video Worth Your Time


Thanks to the lovely Jordan, as I scrolled through my Facebook news feed today I stumbled upon a gem.

I know you probably spend way too much time watching stupid videos on Facebook of puppies dancing or stupid guys doing back flips off of roof tops into a pool of water, into a pool of jello, into a pool of lava. But every now and then, you find a good one. One that makes you rationalize with yourself that you AREN’T wasting your time cruising the internet for hours without aim. Well that happened to me today.

I’m always telling girls that they ARE beautiful. And even if they don’t believe me or think it’s annoying, I still keep telling them. And the truth is, they are far more beautiful than they give themselves credit for (myself included).

Well, here’s the proof. The real proof that you really are more beautiful than you think and that people aren’t anywhere NEAR as critical as you are on yourself. Believe it or not, they’re looking for the best in you and rarely notice that your hair line is “weird”, you can’t keep nail polish on for longer than a day, and that your forehead is bigger than life (all things I tell myself on a regular basis).

Why don’t they notice those things? Because your beauty exceeds the small things that you hate about yourself. So stop being the only one that hates your looks. It’s pointless.

Watch this video and see for yourself.

❤ Tiff


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