Rachel & Chris | Yorktown Couple Portraits

You know those couples that find each other again and you breathe deeply and utter the word “finally” under your breath?

Meet Rachel and Chris. Two very different people in personality and experiences. Their story is a long one of ups and downs, but they’ve chosen to love each other through those hard times that have and will come. Chris is a writer.. not by profession.. yet, but his mind is amazing. One time I read a small story that he wrote about himself going to the grocery store. And it was so intriguing. THE GROCERY STORE, PEOPLE. His personality is so unique and great that I like to hang out with him just to see what he will say next. He’s good at anything he does.

Rachel is one of those if-I-can-put-my-mind-to-it-I-can-and-will-do-it kind of people. She loves so many artsy things like painting, singing, writing love notes, and doing cute DIY projects. But she also serves in the United States Air Force and has rocked every challenge she’s had to overcome so far. Props to her. She’s strong AND sweet. Not many people can be those two things at once. She is currently stationed in AZ, where David and I got to visit her this past year.

They are so different. And I can attest to this, their differences are one of the main ways their relationship strives and stays fresh. Though it comes with challenges, opposites really do attract. And these two are like magnets.

While Rachel was home visiting we got to take a few pictures together. I’ve never seen another person speak about how big of a fan they are of my photography than her!! So clearly, this was a fun shoot!! Chris and Rachel are adorable. Chris just moved out to AZ with her a few weeks ago!!!

Join me in wishing them a happy life on the other side of the country!!

Best thing about them? Rachel is my sister-in-law and Chris might as well be family. ❤

Enjoy these images!

© 2014 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

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Another favorite of mine! So sweet. ❤_0089 _0090 _0091  _0093 _0094 _0095  _0097  _0099 _0100 _0101 _0102  _0104  _0106 _0107

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