Kailyn | Rosewell Ruins | Gloucester Senior Portrait Photographer

I know that I always gush over these girls that I get to photograph and you’re probably expecting that. So I’ll deliver.

The first time that Kailyn walked through the doors of Starbucks for our consultation, I couldn’t stop freaking out over how perfect her hair was. Everyone has seen a pixie cut before, but when I saw it on Kailyn, I knew why they were invented in the first place.

Kailyn has such a bright and exciting future ahead of her. She is interested in foreign missions and has already been out of the country. Her scar that you’ll see featured in this shoot was from surgery for her scoliosis. Now that she’s been through such a difficult trial in her life, she wears her scar proudly. She is one of the most photogenic people I have ever photographed and I’m proud to say that she was one of my 2014 seniors. Enjoy!

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I LOVE THESE ❤_0232 _0233 _0236 _0234 _0247_0237 _0238 _0235 _0240 _0239

FAVORITE!!! _0241

Of course I had to get a few of Kailyn and her mom, Stephanie. Two of the sweetest ladies that I know.

_0248 _0249


  1. Hi Tiffany!

    Your work is gorgeous. I stumbled across your blog just now as I’m location scouting on my phone currently for a senior session I’m shooting here in the North Shore area tmrw. I’m a photographer from LA and am just here for holidays but booked a few things while in town. Would you be so kind as to letting me know if you needed a permit to shoot here at the ruins? Your photos here are killer. Or do you have any other recs for locations that have an indoor capacity? This LA girl is NOT used to shooting in the 30’s. Any help would be so appreciated. Very exited to follow your work – it is beautiful!

    1. Hey Bethany!

      Well I am so honored for such great compliments from you. I’m so excited you’ll be following my work!! I just took a look at your website and you are such a talented photographer! I was swooning over so many of your images. I got to visit LA last year and it was amazing. I’m so jealous you get to shoot there all the time!! 😉 That must be amazing.
      To answer your question, you do not need a permit to shoot at the ruins. Unfortunately, they are closed for the season and they won’t be open until March 31st. When were you wanting to shoot there? I may be able to set something up for you! As far as indoor, I don’t have many suggestions because I don’t shoot indoor very often. But since you’re here, you have to shoot at Colonial Williamsburg! It would be a mistake if you were this close and missed that place. How long will you be in town?

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