Tori | Gloucester Senior Portrait Photographer

Tori’s senior portrait session is a breath of fresh air to my blog and hopefully to your soul. Looking through these images I see a beautiful girl that may not even know it yet. This session was nothing short of perfection. I walked away with a feeling of success. Successful; because I know that I was able to present Tori’s beauty in a true way. She is glowing in these images. And I hope that she can see that, too.

After our shoot, Tori’s mom, Anna, sent me one of the most kind texts I have ever received from a mother of one of my seniors. That’s what makes images worth it to me. Tori was made special and beautiful and lovely and all things good.. and I had the privilege of showing her that.

A HUGE thank you to Brittany Foster Makeup, my newest partner, for doing such a fabulous job on Tori’s makeup.

© 2014 Tiffany Sigmon Photography

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