Belle Isle, Richmond Senior Photographer | Maddy

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A senior session is meant to be filled with adventure, beautiful things, friends, and laughter. So much laughter. Maddy was more than a joy to be with. She is an honorable friend and student at her high school. And there hasn’t been a time I haven’t seen her smiling.

A 10 minute walk through the woods started our session and we saw some amazing abandoned buildings that used to be a factory of some sort. It was quite creepy and gross at points, but amazing nonetheless.

When we got to the river the water was spilling over the rocks perfectly at the place we chose to stay for the remainder of our session. Maddy gracefully followed me through the water and I swear that place hadn’t seen a more beautiful day. The temperature was perfect and so was the light and soft breeze. We laughed a lot and had such a great day together. A huge thanks to Maddy’s mother, Stacia, and Maddy’s best friend, Rachel.



Makeup: Brittany Foster Makeup (

Hair: Best Face Forward (

Photography: Tiffany Sigmon Photography (


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