Kailyn | Rosewell Ruins | Gloucester Senior Portrait Photographer

I know that I always gush over these girls that I get to photograph and you’re probably expecting that. So I’ll deliver. The first time that Kailyn walked through the doors of Starbucks for our consultation, I couldn’t stop freaking out over how perfect her hair was. Everyone has seen a pixie cut before, but […]

Nicolle | Gloucester Senior Portrait Photographer

Nicolle and I first met at the Daffodil Festival this past year. I remember meeting the current Daffodil Queen and awkwardly telling her that “I was her great grandmother Daffodil Queen”, while she stared back at me in confusion. haha! Oops! A few months passedĀ and we met again at Mady’sĀ graduation party! If she was a […]